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Mobile Safety Technology & Forklift Supplies



Safety does not cost you any money, on the contrary : it brings you money. Practice shows that working in a safe way is automatically associated with higher productivity and better quality. Investing in safety is doing business in responsible way, as well socially as financially.

ESQUENET MST is specialised in vehicle safety and damage prevention. Every day we work for more safety on the road and on the grounds of your company. Many years of experience and a team of professional partners allow us to offer you an adequate solution for any safety problem.

Together with our partners we are the innovative specialist in mobile safety !

We are exclusive distributor of a wide range of products for mobile safety and vehicle control systems, such as :

  • TruckLOG® TK5 drivers access control and fleet management system for industrial vehicles 
  • Motec® Heavy-Duty Camera Solutions for industrial vehicles
  • Tine-Guide Laser Fork Guidance System for the prevention of damage to goods in the shelves
  • FlatFork® Digital Fork Level Indicator for forklifts and reachtrucks
  • ESQOspeed RADAR automatic speed regulation systems for forklifts
  • Claitec LSA Low Speed Area IR automatic speed regulation systems for forklifts
  • TruckLOG® IR SpeedZoning, speed limitation system for forklifts
  • SIS CySens® Actieve Ultrasoon reverse detection for forklifts
  • Claitec PAS® - Pedestrian Alert System & Proximity Warning for pedestrian protection around forklifts and waste processing machines
  • Comnovo D2SENSE – Pedestrian detection system for heavy equipment and machinery
  • BackScan® Radar reverse detection for forklifts, reachstackers, wheel loaders, dumpers, ...
  • RoadScan DTW Professional Video Event Data Recorder (VEDR) for industrial vehicles
  • Nordic Lights® LED work lights and shiners for heavy-duty applications
  • BatMon® EBC - Electronic Battery Controller for a better management of your loading process 
  • Forklift cabins and separate elements for all forklift brands and types
  • INS Intersoft hydraulic weighing systems for forklifts and wheel loaders
  • bbs-tek® reverse beepers shh-shh-shh
  • Sirena magnetic and chargeable LED safety and signalisation lights

Our independence of any OEM-party makes us the best partner to handle with your specific situations and respond to your wishes related to vehicle safety.

We invite you to take a look at our websites and the product pages in order to obtain a clear view of what we can mean to you and to the safety of your company ! 

Feel free to contact us with any question you might have or in case you wish to receive a non-committal offer.