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Brigade bbs-tek Acoustic Reversing Alarms

Brigade bbs-tek acoustic reversing alarms

The bbs-tek® white sound® reversing alarm is a unique reversing alarm using broadband sound. Instead of  “beep..beep..beep”, this alarm creates a “ssh-ssh” sound which is gentle on the ear.

Reversing alarms are vital for safety but can lead to noise nuisance and irritation for employees and residents. The bbs-tek® reversing alarm makes a unique sound on a unique frequency, which solves the nuisance problem.  

Special specifications of bbs-tek® white sound® Backalarm :
  • Eliminates noise complaints of traditional alarms
  • Strong, sustainable and waterproof
  • Compliant to SAE J994 standards
  • Broadband "Shh... Shh...Shh..." sound
  • Big choice in loudness, from 62dB to 107dB
Brigade bbs-tek® types and models :
  • 'Heavy duty' models       : BBS-102 en BBS-107
  • 'Medium duty' models    : BBS-82, BBS-87, BBS-92, BBS-97
  • 'Light duty' models         : BBS-62, BBS-67, BBS-72, BBS-77
  • bbs-tek® BackChat®     : self-speaking alarm BBS-BC-01
  • bbs-tek® Smart              : SA-BBS-97 (77-97dB), SA-BBS-107 (87-107dB)

Smart Backalarms from Brigade, automatically adjusting to the noise level of the environment.

In environments with varying noise levels a fixed sound level alarm may be either too loud (nuisance) or too quiet (dangerous). The bbs-tek® white sound®  reversing alarms continuously react to the surrounding noise level and self-adjust their warning.  Ideal for vehicles and machines used in working environments with very different noise levels.