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Claitec - PAS Pedestrian Alert System

Claitec - PAS Pedestrian Alert System

Claitec is a business unit of the Spanish Icnita Safety Group that specialises in the implementation of industrial safety and accident prevention solutions, especially when driving fork lifts.

17,6%  of all industrial accidents are accidents with fork lifts. Over 25% of those accidents involve pedestrians ! 

The PAS Pedestrian Alert System minimizes the risk of accidents between fork lifts and pedestrians in common work areas. Pedestrians carry electronic RF-tags that are detected by the RF-receiver on the fork lift, which alerts the driver of eminent danger. 

The Pedestrian Alert System is a solution that warns the driver when the system detects a pedestrian within an adjustable distance of 1 to 6.5 metres. Pedestrians have to wear at all time a transponder (tag) that alerts the driver for a potential human risk.

Possible warnings for the driver :

  • Flash light in the driver’s cabin
  • Braking of the fork lift - "creep speed" (possibility depends on the type of vehicle)
  • Acoustic alarm 

Most important characteristics of Pedestrian Alert System :

  • Detection of pedestrians in the forklift’s proximity
  • Front detection from 0.5 to 6.5 metres (depending on specific company circumstances)
  • Rear detection from 0.5 to 6.5 metres (depending on specific company circumstances)
  • Lateral detections of up to 4 metres
  • Durable and robust system components.
  • Easy to install

Areas of application:

  • Poor visibility areas when driving backwards.
  • The use of fork lifts by truck drivers in loading and unloading zones
  • Work spaces with poor visibility on crossings with pedestrians and fork lifts 

Advantages of the Claitec PAS solution :

  • Increased levels of prevention in high-risk areas
  • Extra tool for save driving
  • Reduction of your costs
  • Additional differentiation between obstacles and people not found in other comparable systems (i.e. ultrasonic detector SIS CySens).