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ESQOview SurroundView 360° Camera System

ESQOview SurroundView 360° Camera System 

Everything at a glance: the ESQOview SurroundView camera system is based on years of proven and extremely robust cameras of German top quality, which have been extensively tested with the new generation of monitors to create a 360 ° image around the machine.

The display of individual or combined camera images can be manually selected by the driver according to his requirements or automatically displayed via vehicle signals (eg forward and / or reverse). In this way, the view of the critical area around the vehicle is optimally adapted to the visual requirements: only reversing camera when reversing, combination of side and reversing cameras or full 360 ° view around the machine.

When pedestrians or cyclists end up in the blind spot of a forklift truck, this creates particularly dangerous situations. If the driver sees the pedestrian or cyclist too late or not at all, accidents can quickly occur, always with particularly serious consequences and injuries as a result.

ESQOview SurroundView camera systems help the driver to see and correctly assess dangerous situations around his vehicle in a timely manner. The additional view also ensures more productivity, higher efficiency, faster and more ergonomic work, without incidents and accidents.