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KIGIS iPAS - Intelligent Proximity Alert System

KIGIS - iPAS Intelligent Proximity Alert System

  • iPAS is designed to avoid the risk of collisions between pedestrians and fork lifts. iPAS uses the cutting-edge UWB technologyto measure accurately the distance between vehicles and pedestrians and by providing in that way a highly reliable collision warning.
  • iPAS brings you to a next safety level in your workplace.
  • iPAS has a "FORKLIFT TO PEDESTRIAN" and a "FORKLIFT TO FORKLIFT" 360° detection with a 10 meter range, can also be up to 30 meter if necessary.
  • Highly accurate distance measurement  to 10 cm, which is profitable especially in highly frequented zones.  Thanks to advanced sensors, iPas also adjusts the detection range according to the speed and driving direction of the vehicle.
  • iPAS  pedestrian tags have 3 different configurable warnings: acoustic, LED or vibrated alarm


CHARACTERISTICS KIGIS iPAS - Intelligent Proximity Alert System :

  1. Detection of pedestrians in the working area of fork lifts, reach trucks,  stackers, etc.
  2. Standard vehicle-to-vehicle detection 
  3. All directions detection zone set up
  4. UWB-technology-based highly accurate distance measurement
  5. Adjusts the detection zone to the speed
  6. Adjusts the detection zone to the direction
  7. Configurable action for warning and danger zone (acoustic alarm,  vibrated alarm and LED)
  8. Pedestrian tag with chargeable Li-Ion Polymer battery for a long operation time (40 hours)
  9. Standard pedestrian tag with configurable acoustic and vibrated alarm for vehicle detection
  10. High scalability and highly reliable
  11. iPAS with VT (vehicle tag) and ZT (zone tag) possible

other variants of the system :

  • Pedestrian Detection : detection of pedestrians by the fork lift
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle Detection : avoids collision between vehicles
  • Zone Warning : avoids collisions on crossings, T-crossings and high risk areas
       Flashlight ZT : demarcate dangerous zones with flash light when VT or PT detection 
    Crossway ZT : priority regulation VT on crossings


Depending on your needs and priorities the system can be configured in that way that fork lifts detect each other. In that way collisions between fork lifts can be reduced or even eliminated. The sensors can also be configured to warn for approaching pedestrians and prevent serious accidents.

Next to the standard settings, the system also has so called zone-alerts who work in the same way as traffic lights with incorporated movement detection (the alarm goes off every time a vehicle or pedestrian enters the defined area).


The system offers three different levels of security that warn pedestrians as well as fork lift drivers on time. The warnings can be configurated to use visual (by flash light), acoustic or vibrated alarms. This is a big advantage in comparison to comparable alert systems.