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MOTEC MVS 270° / 360° Panoramic View Camera System

MOTEC MVS 270°/360° Panoramic View Camera System

gives the driver of the vehicle a real time BIRD’s EYE view, in only 1 image.

The Motec MVS camera system consists of 4 ultra-wide-angle cameras, each covering a full side of the vehicle, and have a  180° viewing angle. Highly mounted on the front, side and rear end, they provide a view on the surroundings of the vehicle or machine, covering all blind spots. 

The 3 or 4 live images are sent simultaneously to the Motec MVCD1000, where they are processed, combined, mixed and stitched. The distortion of the wide-angle-lens is corrected in that way a clear, quick and real time image appears on the driver’s monitor.

There is more to the system than just avoiding collision with persons and objects. The extended view on the surroundings helps the driver to manoeuvre at low speed and to reduce damage to the tires, because the operator can see and avoid obstacles on the floor.

Motec MVS can be combined with MDR digital recorders, 270° of 360° imagery that can be used in case of accidents, vandalism or false claims. Video proof can lead to considerable savings for your company, not only by being able to refute false claims but much more important: to support drivers and to protect the surroundings in an optimal way. 


  • 3 or 4 180° wide-angle camera lenses cover the whole vehicle and its surroundings, covering all blind spots
  • Real time video output
  • Quick image transmission up to 30 frames per second
  • System automatically switches off an individual camera, in the highly unlikely case of a malfunction, so that there are no “frozen images”.
  • Adjustable triggers available for different images , e.g.  when switching in reverse the rear view is displayed on the monitor
  • Automatic light balance for an uniform image
  • System supported configurable split-screen exit
  • Field of view and distance configurable according to the type of vehicle and the application
  • For bigger vehicles that need a larger field of view, the software prevents image distortion in that way that people and objects can be recognized from a big distance
  • The colour and the type of the vehicle on the screen can be configured to the same colour and type of the real vehicle whereby the driver gets a realistic image on the screen