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RADAR/IR/RF Automatic Speed regulation for forklifts

ESQOspeed Radar SpeedZoning 

Claitec LSA Low Speed Area IR 

KIGIS-iPAS RF Speedzoning

TruckLOG® SpeedZoning IR


For the safety of driver and bystander.

Thanks to these safety systems you do not only avoid accidents with people but you also avoid damage to buildings and vehicles. This brings you not only reassurance concerning the safety of your personnel and visitors but also avoids high repair costs to vehicles and buildings due to collisions. 

ESQOspeed Radar SpeedZoning, Claitec LSA Low Speed Area IR and TruckLOG® IR automatically switch the speed of the forklift to a lower or higher level at the entrance or leaving of a well-defined zone, such as the entrance or leaving of a hall or warehouse or zone within the zone.

ESQOspeed Radar SpeedZoning

ESQOspeed adapts the speed as soon as a roof or pent is detected within a programmable roof height of max 24m. A simple installation and a low investment cost ensure maximum safety within your premises !

Claitec LSA Low Speed Area 

LSA sends a coded IR signal to a panel of reflective coded bands which are fixed at the ceiling or a gate. When the forklift drives underneath this panel, the sensors decode the change in zone and switches the forklift to a higher or lower speed. Mounting is simple and does not require any expensive infrastructure works, extremely sustainable and vandalism-proof !

KIGIS-iPAS RF Speedzoning

KIGIS iPAS anchors are placed in the building at strategic places where there must be a speed reduction for the forklift. The forklifts are also equipped with an RF anchor with output switched on the speed reduction. Once the forklift comes within the "bubble" of the stationary RF Anchors (programmable zone around the Anchors of 0-25m) the forklift will automatically reduce speed.

TruckLOG® IR 

TruckLOG® IR consists of an infra-red transmitter which is mounted above a passage. On the roof of the forklift an infra-red receiver is mounted which picks up the signals of the IR-transmitter for different speeds and forwards this information to the forklift control in order to switch to a higher or lower speed.

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