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SEEN Safety's IRIS™860 - Pedestrian Reverse Detection

SEEN IRIS™860 Sensor Reverse Detection for forklifts and mobile industrial equipment

SEEN's unique IRIS technology detects reflective tape on safety clothing (high visibility vests), transforming the standard PASSIVE high-vis clothing into an active pedestrian detection system.

The IRIS 860 sensor pack includes the sensor, two meter power cable and a universal stainless steel mounting bracket.

  • Extremely reliable detection of all reflective tape on high-vis safety clothing
  • Designed for use on forklift trucks and other heavy mobile industrial vehicles
  • Auditory and visual warning for both the driver and pedestrian
  • 60 ° horizontal (configurable) x 45 ° vertical detection zone
  • Detection zone configurable up to 8 meters (in steps of 0.5m) in alert and pre-alert zone
  • Multiple sensors can be used to enlarge the detection zone
  • Reliable detection both in complete darkness and in full sun
  • IP69 protection class, resistant to water, dust and harsh working conditions

The targeted detection zone with configurable distances makes IRIS 860 sensors ideal for use on all types of industrial vehicles, ranging from small and large forklifts, reach trucks, empty container forklifts, reach stackers, wheel loaders, telehandlers to even straddle carriers and mobile harbor cranes.

The IRIS 860 sensors can be mounted anywhere on the machines (i.e. front, rear and side detection) and can also be mounted on fixed infrastructures to monitor pedestrian exclusion zones.

Technical specifications of IRIS™860 Sensor :

    • Detection area horizontal 60 ° x vertical 45 °
    • Detection range from 1 to a maximum of 8 meters
    • Audible alarm 94dB for driver and pedestrian
    • Protection Class IP69
    • Shock and vibration resistant
    • No problems with RF interference
    • Maintenance free