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TruckLOG® TK5 toegangscontrole en fleet management

TruckLOG® TK5 by Davis Derby Ltd.

Driver Access Control & Fleet Management

Investing in a safety system with access control will help you prevent serious accidents and unnecessary costs of repair, standstill and delay. TruckLOG® TK5 forklift truck fleet management control system helps you to prevent accidents and to decrease operational costs. 

The most important asset of the TruckLOG® TK5 access control system is the possibility to limit the use of certain vehicles to the drivers having permission to drive them. Restrictions as to the authorized department, validity and expiry date of the driver’s licence, use of certain types of vehicles can be assigned to the RFID badge.

TruckLOG TK5 allows you to analyse the driving behaviour of every driver, to do pre-operational checks before using the vehicle, touch screen terminals2-way communication between vehicle and managerwarning by e-mail or SMS of some adjustable triggers (i.e. shock, vehicle off road,..)

  • Integrated WPAN-module to IEEE-standard 802.15 with extremely high receiver sensitivity and transmission range
  • Stand-alone options thanks to the WPAN-technology with transmission range between terminals and manager
  • Pre-operational checklist, to be created by the administrator per type of vehicle
  • Local intermediate storage of the user data in the TruckLOG TK5 terminal and transfer via wireless WPAN connection 
  • Comfortable, fast and clear Windows-based software for programming the units, creating users and their rights, analysing driving behaviour, analysing operating time of machinery, analysing the shocks per driver or per unit... 
  • Hosted "cloud" management application of software and data center
  • Standard provided with 3-dimensional shock sensors, extensive possibilities for analysis and reporting, flashing light at shock detection, e-mail and SMS warning at well-defined triggers and alarms, etc.


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