Solutions For safe forklifts

Versatile range for safety in the warehouse

Small accessories, mobile systems or high-tech additions for your forklift fleet: at ESQUENET MST you count on professional advice and trusted brands. From light and sound signals to automatic speed control or person detection.


Flash and signal lamps

Quickly and easily delineate an area with unbreakable lights? Choose from the range of flash and signaling lamps from ESQUENET MST.

Work safely with light

Under any circumstances, good visibility and lighting is crucial for an efficient, safe workplace. Choose LED work lights with especially high lumens.

Camera Systems

Camera systems improve visibility from a machine, when reversing or around the vehicle. Discover the possibilities.

Mobile weighing systems for forklift trucks

Weighing Solutions - To measure is to know ! ESQUENET MST offers a wide range of weighing solutions to work accurately and safely with hydraulic lifting equipment such as forklift trucks, stackers and pallet trucks.

Forklift cabins

As a versatile distributor of accessories and complete forklift cabins, ESQUENET MST. offers a wide range of quality parts. Discover the offer.

Pedestrian and vehicle warning systems

Alert pedestrians to approaching vehicles and vice versa. Discover the wide range of warning signals from ESQUENET MST.

Safe manipulation

With the right technology, you always get the forks of your forklift right when maneuvering or loading or unloading. Discover the solutions.

Persons and objects detection

Timely detection of persons or objects buys extra time to react appropriately. With these detection systems, you eliminate risks and prevent incidents.

Automatic speed control

Avoid accidents caused by speeding? With automatic speed control, you ensure that forklifts always have an appropriate speed.

Control en fleet management

Knowing - and deciding for yourself! - who drives which machine, when and where? Check out our fleet management and access control systems

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