Maximum safety Minimal damages

Choose maximum safety

Safe machinery keeps your people and your infrastructure safe. Better protection means fewer accidents to employees and less damage to equipment. Safety reduces downtime, repair costs, and profitability. Safety pays off.

Go for zero

As a business owner, you go for an accident-free workplace. ESQUENET MST helps you with modern safety technology for your forklift fleet. With the safety of your people as the focus.

Damage prevention

Avoiding damage equals avoiding costs. Increased safety in the warehouse prevents damage and the associated downtime. More efficiency and fewer repairs: twice the profit.

Extended offers

Person detection, smart cameras, access control, fleet management or automatic speed limitation: at ESQUENET MST. you are guaranteed to find the best solutions.

Result-oriented approach

Systems that really work, tailored to your business. Because even small investments make a difference. With quick and significant positive results on the shop floor as proof.

Forklift cabins

Safe together in the warehouse

As a constructive partner, ESQUENET MST. puts your machine safety on point. With the well-being of your employees and minimal damage of your infrastructure and equipment as a common goal. We put renowned brands and years of expertise to work for the efficiency of your business.


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