25 August 2023


Commissioned by Van Geel Heftrucks in Tilburg, ESQUENET MST has built the unique AI ESQOview+ Quad 360° person detection camera system on 11 electric Toyota forklifts, for end customer Caligen Europe B.V., in a 4-camera setup with 360° person detection all around.

At the end customer’s request, ESQOview+ Quad 360° was configured to limit the speed of the forklift trucks upon detection of a pedestrian around the forklift truck. Moreover, the driver is also alerted in the cabin by a visual (LED) and audible alarm from the In-Cab Directional Indicator, which indicates the direction of detection of a person. The 7-inch Full HD monitor displays a switching image from the front and rear camera, combined with the In-Cab Directional Indicator.

Caligen Europe is a manufacturer of polyurethane foams and has been developing, processing and manufacturing polyether as well as polyester foams since 1965. Their products are used in a wide range of applications in the automotive, medical, hygiene and industrial markets.

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