Automatic speed control

Inappropriate speed is also often the cause of accidents in warehouses. By allowing forklifts to slow down automatically in time, you eliminate unnecessary risks. Automatic speed control systems work mainly with zones, but are also very effective at dangerous crossings or junctions. Just the way you like it.

ESQOspeed Radar Ceiling SpeedZoner : adjusted speed inside/outside

Avoid accidents on the shop floor and automatically adjust forklift speed with the ESQOspeed Radar. Activated as soon as you enter a building.

KIGIS iPAS SpeedZoner: automatic speed control by UWB Radio beacons

Through communication between stationary RF anchors and a unit on the forklift, the speed is automatically adjusted at strategic locations. For a safe workplace.

Claitec LSA Low Speed Area : automatic speed control of forklifts by zone

Use IR technology to automatically adjust the speed in the warehouse wherever pedestrians are walking around. With division into fast and slow zones.

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