ESQOspeed Radar SpeedZoner automatically reduces forklift speed to as soon as a building is entered. A simple and affordable way to automatically switch forklift speed and maximize workplace safety.

ESQOspeed Radar SpeedZoner switches forklift speed from high to low as soon as a roof or awning is detected within a programmed detection height of up to 24 meters.

This automatically drives the forklift at a reduced speed into the buildings and significantly reduces the risk of an accident. The driver is notified via an LED indicator on the dashboard, indicating the reduced driving speed.

A low investment cost for a maximum increase in safety within your premises.



  • High precision, high quality radar
  • IP67 degree of protection for use in extreme conditions
  • Operates at temperatures between -40° and 65° Celsius, regardless of the weather conditions (rain, snow, wind, dust…)
  • No impact due to light intensity
  • No cost or installation on the building, only vehicle to be equipped
  • Detection distance adjustable up to 24 meters between sensor and ceiling

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