Flash and signal lamps

The best way to clearly define a situation or mobile work zone is with light signals. With an unbreakable signal lamp or high-quality flashing lights in your machine, you are always prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

LUMINA, The Wearable Safety Light

LUMINA, the new wearable safety light designed to make operators visible in any situation while performing their work. 12 powerful LEDs provide full 360-degree illumination. LUMINA is available with LEDs of different colours depending on the end use of the product.

ESQOlight Forklift Gobo Projector

The ESQOlight Forklift Gobo Projector is a robustly designed LED spotlight for reliable use as an optical warning on a forklift.

BMX4 Sirena : rechargeable magnetic signal lights

Simply charge, attach magnetically and enjoy maximum visualization and unseen robustness. Discover all the advantages of Sirena signaling lamps.

ESQOlight Smart Synchronous Flashing Warning Lights

Compact box with 6 rechargeable magnetic and synchronizable signal lights, available in amber and blue. Five different paterns, easy to configure. Comes in standard box with 6 lights, rechargeable using supplied charging cable with cigar plug on 12/24VDC.

LED flashing lights: mobile visual signage

It is best to clearly demarcate a dangerous situation. It is also handy to have signage available when you are on the road. In the form of mobile flashlights from Sirena.

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