Camera Systems

A blind spot, door jambs restricting the view or other obstructions. From a forklift, you rarely have everything in view. Smart camera systems give a clearer view. In the form of a reversing camera or a complete camera system that can observe up to 360° around the machine.


Suitable for use in demanding environments, Ark Vision Systems' cameras convince with their robustness and reliability. They are therefore suitable for any working environment.

Ark Vision Birdview: panoramic view from the vehicle

A perfect all-round view from a bird's eye view prevents accidents and helps when maneuvering and parking. Also at night thanks to integrated IR light.

Motec Heavy-Duty Camera Systems

Motec has more than 25 years of experience in building and manufacturing rugged, reliable mobile cameras, including their associated electronics. The product range includes rear view cameras, industrial cameras, displays, etc.

Surroundview camera system: 360° a clear view of the surroundings

Notice pedestrians in a blind spot in a timely manner? ESQOview provides reliable person and object detection. Discover the technical details

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