Avoid blind spot accidents with a full view around a vehicle. The 360° Surroundview camera system helps the driver to see and correctly assess dangerous situations around his vehicle in good time. The additional view also ensures more productivity, higher efficiency, faster and more ergonomic work, without incidents and accidents.

The display of the individual or combined camera images can be selected manually or displayed automatically via the vehicle signals, e.g. driving forwards and/or backwards, direction blinker, etc. In this way, the view around  the vehicle is optimally adapted to the visual requirements: only rear view camera when reversing, combination of side and rear view cameras or full 360° view around the forklift or wheel loader.

  • 360° view around the machine
  • modular, scalable surround-view camera monitor system (CMS)
  • screen exclusively for displaying relevant zones
  • rotatable images of the camera
  • overlapping images of zones to get the total picture
  • maximum image quality thanks to reduced video processing
  • no calibration needed
  • various functions for making adjustments, such as the length of the vehicle
  • warning frame can be superimposed

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