Persons and objects detection

Collisions and incidents are something you would prefer to avoid at all times. Especially if people are involved. Systems for people detection or object detection signal potential dangers and prevent things from going wrong. A smart combination of sound, light and cameras avoids potentially dangerous situations. There is also a solution tailored to your fleet and building.


ESQOview+ pedestrian detection camera uses state-of-the-art technology to make drivers more aware of pedestrians near industrial vehicles, such as around forklifts, reach stackers, wheel loaders, excavators, etc.

Blaxtair: rear view camera with people detection

With a smart 3D camera on the forklift that identifies people and objects in real time and alerts the driver, the workplace becomes a lot safer.

KIGIS iPAS: precise distance determination with UWB technology

Accurate detection of pedestrians and other vehicles through Ultra Wideband technology allows an operator to drive a forklift around more safely.

Backsense Radar: blind spot detection with radar technology

Rely on Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave technology to timely detect people and objects in a blind spot and notify the driver.

SIS CySens: active anti-collision system with ultrasonic detector

Reduce the risk of collision with the use of an ultrasonic detector. Programmable to slow down or even stop the forklift completely.

SEEN Safety IRIS TM: detection system with audible warning

An easy-to-install sensor for your forklift that uses reflective tape on safety clothing for active pedestrian detection.

Collision Sentry Corner Pro: passive IR motion sensors

Increase safety with an IR sensor on blind corners at intersections. Pedestrians and driver are notified with a visual and audio signal.

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Cases Persons and objects detection

Komatsu veiliger met Blaxtair camera's

Drive safely with Komatsu dumpers

Esquenet recently mounted Stereo Camera Blaxtair MR90 on 3 new Komatsu dumpers. This installation will maximize safety and prevent incidents due to collisions with other vehicles and/or persons.