Lack of visibility and driver absent-mindedness are often the main causes of accidents involving industrial vehicles, such as forklifts. The SIS CySens ultrasonic detector is an active anti-collision system during maneuvering.

The detector is able to detect all obstacles within the vehicle’s working area. Both people and vehicles as well as goods and buildings. The SIS CySens ultrasonic detector prevents and avoids the risk of collision when maneuvering and also offers the possibility of slowing down or even stopping the vehicle in case of danger detection.

  • 1 large ultrasonic sensor with range of up to 3.5 meters on persons
  • 2 small ultrasonic sensors with range of 1.5 meters and 180°
  • each individual ultrasonic sensor is individually programmable on detection distance and angle
  • “MiniMind” display in the operator’s cab to alert the driver of an imminent danger, by means of a visual and/or auditory signal
  • three programmable detection zones in function of detection distance and forklift speed: green – no danger, yellow – slow down, red – stop
  • dust- and waterproof IP65
  • voltage 10-36V
  • optional with two detection units, mast height detector or IR-rear camera and 5″ display in the cabin

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