Mobile weighing systems for forklift trucks

Weighing Solutions - To measure is to know !
ESQUENET MST offers a wide range of weighing solutions to work accurately and safely with hydraulic lifting equipment such as forklift trucks, stackers and pallet trucks.

They allow the production and handling of your products, as well as the traceability of your sales with transfer of all your data related to weighing.

An optimal load gives an optimal vehicle efficiency; overloading leads to unnecessary costs due to possible damage to the lifters. Underloading naturally results in lower vehicle efficiency and unnecessary losses due to loss of time due to extra trips.

ForkMatic: fork integrated wireless weighing

ForkMatic is a fork integrated wireless weighing system that provides immediate and accurateweighing results and provides all relevant weighing functions and the latest data transfertechnology.

Weighmatic: high-quality mobile weighing system

WeighMatic is a high-quality mobile weighing system with a long operational life that provides fast and accurate weighing results for all kinds of forklift trucks.

Safematic: Overload Protection System

Increase site safety and reduce maintenance costs with the SAFEMATIC Overload Protection System. The Safematic Overload Protection System warns the operator that the set lifting limit has been exceeded by measuring the pressure in the lifting hydraulics.

Loadmatic: combined weighing system and overload guard

LoadMatic is a combined weighing system and overload guard that provides fast weighing and immediate overload protection directly on the forklift before the damage is made.

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