WeighMatic is a high-quality mobile weighing system with a long operational life that provides fast and accurate weighing results for all kinds of forklift trucks.

The WeighMatic hydraulic weighing system has been developed for all logistic and industrial material handling applications, where weighing reliability, data communication and the time factor are of significant importance.

The system provides accurate weighing results directly on the forklift truck in less than 5 seconds and is suitable in applications where transportation to traditional weighing solutions is complicated or unreachable and in hazardous environments where traditional load cells surrender. The system minimizes the forklift traffic, the time and energy consumption plus the collision risks with personnel.

The WeighMatic Hydraulic weighing system weighs the load in just 5 seconds and provides data communication directly from the forklift truck to WMS and ERP-systems. It also warns the operator if the preset lifting limit has been exceeded by measuring the pressure in the lifting hydraulics.

Fully adjustable, does not affect hydraulic lifting performance and improves site safety. The system also works on tele handlers, skip lorries, wheel loaders and front loaders.

  • Incredibly reliable
  • Does not alter fork truck dimensions
  • No cables in the mast
  • The weighing components resist shocks and vibration
  • Maintenance free: No moving parts
  • Easy to use and install
  • Can be installed on a diverse range of lifting equipment
  • Robust and impossible to overload
  • Load status through overload bar
  • Overload alarm that solves overload problems
  • Electric relay prepared for any overload action
  • Wireless data communication
  • Barcode printouts
  • Gross, tare and net weight
  • Continuous measurement function for filing applications
  • Accumulation