The use of smart 3D cameras on the shop floor prevents accidents between machines and pedestrians. These cameras recognize people in the machine’s danger zones and alert the operator. Blaxtair® is the only intelligent camera of its kind that does this in real time.

In addition to people, obstacles are also detected in time. Thus you avoid operational costs due to damage to the machine itself or to goods, vehicles and buildings. Furthermore, the use of these cameras increases productivity on the shop floor. The driver monitors the blind spots on the screen in the cabin, without having to turn himself.

The most advanced pedestrian detection solution to prevent collisions with machinery, it not only alerts drivers to danger without unnecessary alarms, but also helps HSE and site managers control and reduce the risk of accidents. Compact, robust, connected, scalable and easy to install, with unparalleled performance on the market, Blaxtair is the only AI camera capable of accurately detecting and locating pedestrians in real time, in any posture (standing, crouching or in partial view) in all the most demanding work environments. To go beyond the prevention of last second accidents, the system integrates the Cloud-based IoT solution “Blaxtair Connect” which revolutionizes the safety of people around machines by dividing the coactivity between machines and pedestrians by 3.


  • Equipped with a stereo camera, CPU and 7″ LCD monitor screen
  • Stereoscopic sensor head
  • Compliant with safety requirements from various industries
  • Morphological recognition of persons by image processing
  • Warning to the driver by an acoustic signal and a visual warning
  • Based on powerful algorithms for video recognition
  • Resistant to water and dust (IP69K sensor).
  • Compatible with all types and brands of industrial machines (forklifts, loaders, excavators, etc.).
  • Plug&Play system, compact and easy to install.
  • Future-proofed: online maintenance & remote software updates.

Benefits of Blaxtair Connect

  • Various Data Collected
  • Geolocation of detections with mapping of areas of high machine/pedestrian coactivity (hot spots)
  • Records near misses – time-stamped and localizeds
  • Detection statistics
  • Measure the level/rate of coactivity per machine and per site
  • Identifies areas of coactivity and critical times of the day

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Esquenet recently mounted Stereo Camera Blaxtair MR90 on 3 new Komatsu dumpers. This installation will maximize safety and prevent incidents due to collisions with other vehicles and/or persons.