ESQOview+ pedestrian detection camera uses state-of-the-art technology to make drivers more aware of pedestrians near industrial vehicles, such as around forklifts, reach stackers, wheel loaders, excavators, etc.

With the ability to distinguish between objects and pedestrians, ESQOview+ is one of the most advanced pedestrian safety systems currently available on the market. ESQOview+ can already be installed with one camera but with the extension to four mounted cameras, a full 360° view around the vehicle can be displayed. This is particularly effective on larger industrial vehicles such as wheel loaders, excavators or reach stackers.

Three detection zones can be set with a detection range of up to 12m and a horizontal viewing angle of 140°, ensuring a wide view and detection.

ESQOview+ works with algorithms (AI) that detects moving and static pedestrians and warns the driver of the presence of such dangers. The in-cab screen displays the position of the pedestrian and the distance to the vehicle, giving the operator more confidence, increasing productivity and significantly minimizing incidents.

  • Up to 360° all-round protection (1, 2, 3 or 4 cameras)
  • Person detection up to 12m in 3 configurable zones
  • Distinguishes between objects and people
  • Full HD 1080p camera with 140° horizontal viewing angle
  • Full HD 7″ or 10″ monitor 1080p (standard or cold-store)
  • Auditory and visual alarm in the monitor when pedestrian is detected
  • Standard equipped with output for control of delay, extra lamp in cabin, …
  • Optional “In-Cab Display” with indication of the location of the pedestrian
  • Optional recorder for recording the images
  • Can be mounted on any industrial vehicle
  • Can be combined with other systems from the ESQUENET MST safety portfolio

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