Create an active pedestrian detection system with a sensor that uses the reflective tape on safety clothing. The SEEN Safety IRIS™860 Sensor is easy to install on all types of industrial vehicles or on fixed infrastructures.

SEEN Safety’s unique IRIS technology detects extremely reliably all reflective tape on high-visibility safety clothing. Both in complete darkness and in full sunlight. The sensors can be mounted anywhere on the machines for front, back and side detection. Use multiple sensors to increase the detection area.

  • Detection area configurable to horizontal 60° * vertical 45°.
  • Detection area configurable to up to 8 meters (in steps of 0.5 meters) in alert and pre-alert zone
  • Audible alarm 94dB for driver and pedestrian
  • IP protection class 67, resistant to water, dust and harsh working conditions
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • No problems with RF interference

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