Aisles and obstacles often create blind spots within an industrial environment. The Collision Sentry IR motion sensor detects when there is movement in a blind spot and emits a highly visible flashing signal with sound as a warning. This ensures a safe workplace in areas where pedestrians and forklifts cross.

The Collision Sentry IR is installed at corners or aisles. When the PIR motion sensors – passive infrared – detect movement on either side, the red LED light will flash to warn approaching traffic or pedestrians. The audio signal is loud enough to drown out background noise. This way you protect pedestrians, avoid damage to buildings, materials and vehicles and maintain productivity.

  • Quick and easy installation via 4 strong magnets
  • Detection on both sides necessary to give alarm
  • Red flashing led light with high luminosity and durability
  • Sound signal in case of mutual detection together with flashing led
  • Autonomous operation with 3 standard D batteries supplied
  • Life span of batteries under normal use up to 2,5 years
  • Low battery indicator
  • High technology passive IR motion sensors
  • Robust, no maintenance, no operating costs
  • Extremely low investment cost for maximum security of passage

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