Increase workplace safety with hyper-technological Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology. The KIGIS iPAS, equipped with UWB, accurately measures the distance between forklifts and pedestrians and generates a highly reliable collision warning for the driver and the pedestrian.  The forklift is set  to a higher or lower speed depending on the zone in which it is traveling.

KIGIS iPAS helps forklifts detect each other and avoid possible collisions. The sensors also pick up on approaching pedestrians. The system includes zone alerts that work similarly to traffic lights with built-in motion sensors. Each time a vehicle or pedestrian enters a selected area, the alarm is activated. There are three different security levels to warn pedestrians and forklift drivers in time. And this either visually (LED), with sound or via vibration signals.

  • pedestrian detection within the working zone of forklift trucks, reach trucks, stackers, wheel loaders, cranes, etc.
  • standard adjustable detection from vehicle to vehicle
  • adjustable omni-directional detection range 360° around the vehicle up to 30m radius
  • Highly accurate distance measurement through the use of UWB technology
  • adaptive detection range depending on direction of movement and speed
  • Programmable alarm in the cab for warning and danger zone
  • (audible alarm and LED flash)
  • Pedestrian gaiter with rechargeable Li-Ion polymer battery for high operating autonomy (40 h)
  • pedestrian tag with configurable audio and vibration alarm on forklift detection as standard
  • high scalability and reliability
  • modularity of iPAS with VT (vehicle tag) and ZT (zone tag)

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Cases KIGIS iPAS: precise distance determination with UWB technology