Always the optimum speed in your warehouse thanks to infrared technology.

The Claitec LSA – Low Speed Area – sends a coded IR signal to polarized bands on the ceiling or on a gate. In this way, the forklift switches to a higher or lower speed depending on the zone in which it is driving.

The correct speed means increased safety in the workplace. This results in fewer accidents and less damage and therefore lower operating costs. The Claitec LSA puts a speed limit on forklifts for different zones in the warehouse. For example, it is possible to set the speed lower in areas frequented by pedestrians. The LSA sensor automatically detects the zone in which the forklift is driving by polarized strips on the ceiling and adjusts the speed of the forklift accordingly.

  • Automatic speed restriction
  • Speed restriction only where it is needed, so no impact on productivity
  • Easy installation without expensive infrastructure work
  • Extremely durable
  • Uses 2 speeds: slow – fast

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