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Nordic Lights VELA Bluespot & TYRI 0909 Compact+ RedPoint

Nordic Lights VELA N2201 Bluespot

Tyri 0909 Compact+ RedPoint

The Nordic Lights VELA N2201 Bluespot & Tyri 0909 Compact+ RedPoint project an exceptionally bright and large blue / red dot in front of and / or behind the lift truck as a warning signal for arriving vehicles or pedestrians. This warns pedestrians and other vehicles in warehouses and production areas about approaching forklift trucks, preventing collisions and accidents.

The Nordic Lights VELA N2201 Bluespot and Tyri 0909 Compact RedPoint can be mounted on any forklift truck. The blue / red dot is then projected a few meters in front of and / or behind the forklift on the warehouse floor.

Advantages : 
  • High visibility of the forklift in the working environment
  • Pedestrians are warned in time
  • Durable LED lighting with very low consumption
  • Exceptionally high light output with large blue spot on the ground
  • Adjustment of the lamp to company specific circumstances
  • Even greater safety in combination with acoustic alarms bbs tek, Collision Sentry, Motec camera systems and others
Product specifications :
  • Multi-voltage : 12-24-48 VDC 
  • Housing: Die-cast Aluminium
  • Spring mounting base dissipates vibrations
  • Lens : Polycarbonate
  • Integrated Deutsch male connector
  • Female Deutsch connector included
  • LED Lifetime : +50.000 hours
  • Fully EMC-proof
  • IP Rating : IP69K
  • Supplied with a CE conformity certificate!