Restrict access to your forklift to avoid accidents and costs? The Keyaless Electronic Ignition allows only authorized drivers to start the vehicle, with the correct code.

The Keyaless Electronic Ignition can be installed in existing and new vehicles without any problem. Both the dashboard and the steering column install in no time. Authorized drivers are easy to program and keep track of. A supervisor sees who the last driver was at the push of a button. For diesel vehicles, the pre-heating function is switched on via a relay. It is also possible to program time for maintenance on the vehicle.


  • No key needed
  • Up to 100 different codes / users programmable
  • Easy creation and deletion of a new user
  • Compatible with different types of vehicles
  • Operates at high and low temperatures: -40° to 90° Celsius
  • Sealing according to IP65 standard
  • Strong housing made of polycarbonate
  • Variable mounting plate available

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