By controlling access to forklifts, you guarantee a structurally safe workplace in the warehouse and at the loading dock. This way, you are spared from accidents and keep your maintenance bill under control. TruckLOG ACP+ or Access Control Plus+ is a simple tool that allows only authorized drivers to access the truck thanks to an electronic Smart Card.

In addition to granting access, TruckLOG ACP+ gives you visibility into vehicle usage and whether the vehicle is subject to shocks. TruckLOG ACP+ reduces unproductive absence by avoiding accidents and enables faster analysis of accidents. Only authorized drivers are issued an ACCESS CONTROL PLUS+ Smart Card, an electronic driver’s license, which allows them to drive the forklift. Once the user is logged in, all data, such as the user’s details, login time, occupancy and time of shock, are stored and available on the LCD screen for later analysis.


  • Access control and shock sensitivity
  • Insight into training needs
  • Better overview of damage
  • Reduction of insurance claims and legal costs
  • Easy to install with no extra cost
  • No PC, external hardware or software required
  • Electronic driving licenses programmable with a pin code and link to an authorized vehicle type possible
  • Fast access to the logs via green button
  • Up to 40 logs available
  • Compatible with other access systems, such as access control for buildings

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