A reversing alarm with wideband sound. Thanks to its unique frequency, the bbs-tek emits a clear audible warning when reversing, without disturbing effects. The perfect combination of vital audible warnings and a comfortable working environment.

Bbs-tek is strong, durable and guaranteed water resistant. Instead of the irritating beep of traditional reversing alarms, this alarm emits a ‘cricket sound’. With a choice of sound levels from 62 to 207dB, there is a suitable volume available for every workplace. This acoustic safety solution exists in several types and models:

  • ‘Heavy duty’ models: BBS-102 and BBS-107
  • ‘Medium duty’ models: BBS-82, BBS-87, BBS-92, BBS-97
  • ‘Light duty’ models: BBS-62, BBS-67, BBS-72, BBS-77
  • bbs-tek® BackChat®: Self-explanatory alarm BBS-BC-01
  • bbs-tek® Smart: SA-BBS-97 (77-97dB), SA-BBS-107 (87-107dB)

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