A clear visual warning signal for pedestrians not to approach a forklift. That’s what the RedLine LED Keep Out Zone Safety Light provides. So you can prevent collisions and accidents both in your warehouse and in your production area.

The RedLine LED Keep Out Zone Safety Light projects an exceptionally bright and wide red line left, right and behind the forklift on the ground. This lets a pedestrian know to keep their distance. The system is easy to mount on any forklift. For example, position it on the cage so that the red LED bar is projected onto the warehouse floor 1 meter from the forklift.

  • high visibility of the forklift truck in the working environment
  • exceptionally high light output with wide and bright red line on the ground
  • adjustment of the lamp to company-specific conditions
  • even greater safety in combination with bluespot, redspot or ARC LED Safety Light
  • Long-life LED lighting with extremely low power consumption, LED life of +50,000 hours
  • multi-voltage: 12-80 VDC
  • housing: Die-cast aluminum
  • stainless steel mounting bracket
  • lens : polycarbonate
  • fully EMC-proof
  • IP69K

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