Positioning the forklift forks correctly is a tricky business. When lifting and lowering, you want to minimize the risk of damage to the goods. The guidance system for forklift forks visually assists the operator with a laser point or line, when inserting or removing a pallet from racks at height.

The system eliminates the risk of damage from fork tips, for example, in cardboard boxes or products. The aligned laser light shines at the height of the fork tips on the pallet. The laser line provides a reference point for the operator to position the forks at the correct height. This speeds up pallet removal and increases operational safety in the warehouse.

  • projection of a laser dot or laser line, or both
  • standard available on class II fork carriage, others on request
  • single or dual laser: 1 laser for pallet removal (alignment on pallet) and 1 laser for pallet stacking (alignment on beams)
  • battery operated: standard delivered with 2x 7.5VDC Li-Ion battery packs and 220VDC charger
  • hard-wired option: directly connected to power forklift/reachtruck, 12-24VDC
  • laser on/off switching on vibrations with automatic switch off after 4 minutes standstill of the truck
  • laser on/off switch on height level, > 2 meter lift height switches the laser on
  • switch the laser on/off by means of RF remote control
  • cold-storage available up to -28° Celsius

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