You can avoid serious accidents and unnecessary costs for repairs, downtime and lost time by purchasing a safety system with access control. The TruckLOG® TK5 access control and fleet management system will help you avoid accidents and reduce your operating costs.

The main function of the TruckLOG┬« TK5 access control system is to restrict the use of certain vehicles to drivers who are authorized to do so. The RFID badge – whether existing or not – can be assigned restrictions on the permitted section, period of validity of the driver’s license and use of certain types of vehicles.

With TruckLOG TK5 you can analyze the driving behavior of each driver, implement pre-operational checklist before the vehicle is put into service, touch screen terminals, 2-way communication between vehicle and manager, notification by e-mail or SMS of certain configurable triggers (i.e. shock, vehicle off road, …),

  • Integrated WPAN module to IEEE standard 802.15 with particularly high reception sensitivity and transmission range
  • Stand-alone deployment possibilities due to WPAN technology with transmission range between terminals and operator
  • Pre-operational checklist, to be created by the administrator per vehicle type
  • Local intermediate storage of user data in the TruckLOG TK5 terminal and transmission via WPAN wireless connection
  • Convenient, fast and clear Windows-based software for programming devices, creating users and their rights, analysing driver behaviour, analysing machine deployment time, shock analysis per driver or per device…
  • Hosted “cloud” management application of software and data center
  • Standard equipped with 3-dimensional shock sensors, extensive analysis possibilities and reporting, flash lamp at shock detection, email and SMS notification at set triggers and alarms, etc.

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